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  • Do I Need to Pay if I Am Not Swimming?
    You may spectate from our mezzanine, a 16,000 square foot space that surrounds the waterpark. There is no need to pay if you are hanging out on the mezzanine. However, if you have a child 8 years old or under, for safety, they need to be accompanied and supervised by an adult in the water. In this case you will need to pay admission.
  • Can I Drop My Kids Off?
    We have an important safety rule at the waterpark: Any child 8 years and under needs to be accompanied and supervised by an adult in the water. For children 9-12 years old, an adult must be in the building, but not necessarily in the water. You might spectate from the mezzanine, or join in on the fun and jump in the water.
  • Is There A Dress Code or Recommended Attire?
    The waterpark is a warm, humid environment. If you're not getting in the water, we strongly suggest wearing light, breathable clothes. Welcome to the tropical island!
  • Do You Offer a Military Discount?
    Yes we do. Thank you for your service. Admission is $2.00 off per guest for military families. This equals about a 10% discount.
  • Can I Bring My Own Food or Drinks?
    No outside food is allowed, with the exception of birthday cakes. We have a food court with many great meals available. We will make exceptions for those with medical needs and infants of course.
  • Do You Sell Swim Diapers?
    Yes we do! $2.00 at our front desk.
  • Can I Buy a Swim Suit and Swim Accessories/Toys?
    We sell swim suits, swim accessories, floaties, swim diapers swim toys at our gift shop and front desk. Selection of swim suit sizes may be limited.
  • Are Life Jackets Available?
    We have life jackets available at no charge and we encourage guests to use them. If you have a young child still developing swimming skills, we urge you to strongly consider having your child wear one.
  • What Are the Height Requirements for the Slides?
    Our two large slides at the high platform, the Master Blaster, and the Orange slide both require riders to be at least 42" tall. The Green Slide on the lower platform require riders to be at least 36" tall. All other slides (smaller) have no such height requirements.
  • Why Aren't All the Slides Going?
    All our slides are in working order at the waterpark. Our major slides at the waterpark are open most of the day. Guests who are coming early on a Saturday should plan on the Master Blaster and Orange Slide opening at noon. If you spend at least 2-3 hours at the waterpark, there should be no reason you can't try all the major slides. If you feel like you're missing out, let us know right away. We're here to help. While you're still swimming, ask for an aquatics supervisor and we will do what we can to accomodate your request. It's essential that you speak with an aquatics supervisor, not a lifeguard.
  • I Smell Chlorine... Are the Chlorine Levels normal at the Waterpark?
    Our chlorine levels are controlled by sophisticated equipment and during park operation, the chlorine levels and pH levels of every pool are measured and recorded every two hours.
  • Can You Check the Balance on My Gift Card?
    We can check the balance of a gift card over the phone, or in person at our front desk. We need the # on the back of the card.
  • Do You Have a Lost & Found?
    Yes we do. Please call us at 907-522-4420. If it's after hours, you may need to try again the next day in the morning, or when we open.
  • Where Can I Find Deals & Promotions?
    We announce promotions and discount opportunities on our Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook and you will find opportunities to come play at a discounted rate periodically.
  • Do You Offer Annual Passes?
    We do offer Annual Passes. An annual pass is a great way to come to the waterpark often at an economical rate. Included with an annual pass is admission to regular park operation, any time we're open, and admission to our weekday activities, such as Toddler Time, River Walk and Water Aerobics. Check out our Annual Membership page for more information (under "More Info" on main menu).
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