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$50.00 "Splash" Gift Card

$50.00 "Splash" Gift Card

** This is a physical gift card that will be mailed to a physical address **


This is a H2Oasis "Splash" Gift Card preloaded with a $50.00 dollar balance.

The gift card can be used as cash inside H2Oasis Waterpark. It can be used for anything we sell at H2Oasis, including: admission, locker rental, food, and/or swim accessories.


Online, we have three choices for preloaded gift cards: $25 Gift Card, $50 Gift Card, and $100 Gift Card. You can of course purchase gift cards offline as well, and choose your own amount.

  • Delivery Method

    Your gift card(s) will be mailed to an address of your choice via United States Postal Service. Expect to receive your gift card in 2-4 days from the time of your order in most cases.


    *** Pickup is NOT an option for online orders *** If you'd like to pickup in person, please purchase a gift card at our front desk offline. Thank you.

  • Choose Your Own Amount

    If you'd like to choose a different dollar balance, we are happy to do so. We can sell you a gift card from our front desk, offline. Reach out to us at 907-522-4420. Thank you.

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